The Mijas Town Hall published last Friday 24th a new municipal decree in which it informs about the obli-gatory use of the mask along the entire Coastal Path, because it is not possible to guarantee the safety distance in the route when it passes through the municipality of Mijas. This was made public by the local administration following the report from the Ministry of Health in which it is clarified that, as there is no possibility of maintaining the required interpersonal separation, whatever the activity carried out (walking or running), the exception described in section 3, of the first provision, of the aforementioned order of the Ministry of Health and Families on the 14th of July 2020, which states that the mask “shall not be required in the case of individual exercise or sport in the open air”, is not applicable. Due to this situation, the Mijas Town Hall is asking for citizen collaboration to enforce the regulations on preventing COVID-19 throughout Andalusia, especially in those areas where its characteristics make it impossible to maintain the recommended safety distance. The decree is available for consultation on the municipal website

Source: Mijas Semanal