Last week they were assigned and they are already fl ying on the beaches along our coast. On Tuesday the 14th, the mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), and the councillor for Beaches, José Carlos Martín (C’s), raised the blue fl ags and those of ‘Q’ for Quality, certifying that, also, this summer, that of the new normality, Mijas has beaches suitable for swimming, well equipped and safe. “We are talking about certifi cations that demand the most, not only from the Department for Beaches, but also from the Cleaning Department and the beach establishments, because there are many requirements that must be met, especially in terms of security, where our lifeguards are located, who do an incredible job in prevention in order to achieve zero drownings”, assured González. For another year, our municipality has validated its three blue flags, which fl y on the beaches of La Cala, El Bombo and Calahonda- Royal Beach-La Luna, and consolidates the nine ‘Q’ for Quality flags on Royal Beach-La Luna, Riviera, La Cala, Calahonda-Alhamar, El Bombo, El Charcón, El Faro, Las Doradas and El Chaparral. Quality of the beaches These distinctions value, among other aspects, the cleanliness of the water and sand on the beach, their hygienic conditions and the facilities available to users, the quality of the establishments, security and fi rst aid services, leisure offer, and the information provided to residents and tourists. These are conditions that have been certifi ed through different audits. “The services we have for this year are the most numerous ever offered in history”, assured the mayor, who added that “all this has been prepared while in a state of alarm, where the administrative deadlines were stopped, but, even so, we have managed to be ready on time. There are municipalities on our coast that still today do not have lifeguards on their beaches and Mijas has had them since June 1st”.

The Blue Flag

We must add the unprecedented deployment that we have arranged this year since June 1st to ensure that ‘boost’ to the provision of services that we already had guaranteed, which is safety, hygiene and cleanliness, in such a way that the destination of Mijas, apart from offering the benefits that it already had due to its characteristics and the provision of services that we have been offering, it also provides greater security”. The councillor also added that “areas have been created for those over 65 years of age, we have enabled dispensers of sanitizing gels along the coast, we have exclusive cleaning services in the public toilets and, in addition, we have a state-of-the-art system for controlling the capacity by using drones that allow us to know the occupation in real-time on each of our beaches through the municipal website”.

Source: Mijas Semanal