Knowing the state of occupationof the beaches in Mijas isbecoming easier. The Tourism Department of the Town Hall has promoted a tutorial video, produced by the municipal company Mijas Comunicación, which explains how to check the status of each beach in Mijas. “We wanted to launch this audiovisual material to further facilitate user information regarding the capacity of our coastline”, explained the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (C’s), who went on to say that the objective is for bathers to previously know the state of occupation of the beach to which they want to go in case they should choose another less crowded option”. This is based on visitor control that is carried out using drones and is showing very good results”, he added. “It is an innovative system that somehow offers real-time information to all bathers”, added the mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE). The video tutorial, which is available on the website of the department:, on the Facebook profi les of Turismo Mijas and Mijas Comunicación and on other channels such as YouTube, shows how to navigate within the Tourism website to access the status of the beaches, information that is updated every hour and is accompanied by Google map images. As regards deciding the allowed capacity on the beaches, Mijas did so by measuring 12 square metres per person (tripling the four established by the central government), placing the number of possible users at 15,371. “With this system, we not only guarantee the 2-metre separation between people but also the creation of virtual steps that guarantee safe access to the sea, public toilets, beach bars, and all services”, explained Martín, who specifi ed that the state of the beaches can also be checked at

Source: Mijas Semanal