They could not wait for next Christmas. A letter drawn up by the children in the municipality during confinement has led the Three Wise Men of the East to leave traditions behind and visit Mijas in the summer to revive tourism. The visit, which took place on Wednesday 1st, is part of the promotional campaign ‘Mijas, volver a vivir’ (We are a safe destination), which launched its second part with the presentation of the official video of the promotion in which ten children from the municipality are the protagonists, although almost one hundred have participated in the fi rst part of this tourism initiative. “I want to thank the nearly one hundred children who have participated in the initiative for their invaluable collaboration. The excitement that they show is what we want to transmit to our visitors. We have worked hard to offer all the guarantees to our tourists and make Mijas one of the safest destinations in Andalusia”, said the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (C’s), who added that now it is time to enjoy “everything that the children have asked their Majesties from the East to provide with so much enthusiasm”.

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Source: Mijas Semanal