With the entry of the province in phase 2 of de-escalation last Monday 1st, the Department for Beaches in Mijas presented the device that will ensure the safety of bathers during the summer, coinciding with the opening of the entire coastline to the public. This season, the life-saving and rescue device has a novelty. In addition to the drones that will travel the coastline to control capacity, the beaches will have an anti-COVID-19 control and information service. There-fore, to ensure that the safety distance is maintained, among other measures, to the usual device, made up of 53 lifeguards (one of the most numerous in Andalusia), another 30 persons have been added to perform tasks related to capacity control and informative work. In total, the contingent will comprise a total of 83 persons who will ensure the safety of bathers throughout the summer from Monday to Sunday from 11 in the morning to 8 in the evening. “We have made a great effort to guarantee the safety of both the residents and the tourists who come to visit us and, above all, to transfer peace of mind, assuring that visiting our beaches, which were already in great condition, is safe and now even more with these measures to ensure greater control”, stated the councillor for Beaches, José Carlos Martín(C’s). On the other hand, from Socorrismo Málaga, the company that will be in charge of the service for another year, coordinator, Maica Alarcón, offered some recommendations regarding this “new normality” on the beaches. “It is essential that we all respect the security measures, maintain a considerable separation between the sunshades and that the regulations are complied with in order that we can reach normality as soon as possible”, she explained.

Source: Mijas Semanal