The Department for Tourism already has the Local Tourism Crash-Plan underway with different initiatives; a dynamic document that is boosted every day with new measures in accordance to the advance of the pandemic. “We have already held a Tourism Sector Board in Mijas with professionals in this field, where we were able to add proposals that they have sent us. Among all of us, we have to row in the same direction, which is none other than to recover from this economic crisis that the virus has left us in, especially as regards this industry which is so vital for the municipality”, said councillor José Carlos Martín. The publicity campaign ‘Mijas, volver a vivir’ (Mijas, back to life again), carried out by the children of the municipality during confi nement which is directed, above all, at the national and local public, is already immersed in this crash-plan.

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Source: Mijas Semanal