Two of the three founders of the company based in Mijas were received at the Town Hall on Monday.

Nicehop won the contest The Chatbots Tourism Awards 2020 in Fitur in the category of Tourist Services. Thanks to its ability to respond to the user in the search for offers to make a trip, the agency brings home this award, and the mayor, Josele González (PSOE), and the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín ( C’s), received its representatives on Monday morning at the Town Hall. “We are the best, at least they say, in sending travel offers, navigating Europe, through WhatsApp and in an automatic way, you always speak with a machine although, given the language used, it seems that you are speaking with a friend. He is a mobile travel agent”, explained the director of marketing and co-founder of Nicehop, Nacho Martín.

This small startup stands out for the proximity and friendliness it transmits in each of the messages it sends. It is a frog that embodies this role with an entertaining personality and an Andalusian accent when he speaks Spanish with the clients. On this platform, which works from WhatsApp, Hoppi, the Nicehop frog, reports on the bargains, international flight breaks plus hotel, which adapt to what is sought by the users. This award gives a boost to the projection of the company, which aims high. “We are going to grow a lot, in fact, next month three more people will be incorporated, and we will be nine, so we will have to start looking for more space”, said Rudy Van der Zalm. Right now, Nicehop has two locations: one, in Mijas Village and another, in the Technology Park, given its collaborative work with the University of Malaga. Also, the Town Hall has supported this project since its creation. “For us, it is a pride that this company, which during my stage as Tourism councillor was presented in Mijas when they were starting and were just a tadpole and now they are a big frog, given the company logo, and generating employment and opportunities”, said the mayor of Mijas.


Seource: Mijas Semanal