The two tourist offi ces in the municipality received 179,095 visits in 2019. Only in the Mijas Village offi ce, there was a 14% increase compared to 2018.

With the statistics in hand, we now know that more and more people choose Mijas as their holiday destination. At least, this is reflected in the number of visits that the tourism offices have received. During the past year 2019, 179,095 people have passed through the offices (155,049 made inquiries in Mijas Village and 24,046 visited the office in La Cala). In the case of the tourist office in Mijas Village, the oldest of the two, 22,241 more visits were registered than in 2018, which represents an increase of 14 percent. This was stated this week by the councillor for Tourism of the Mijas Town Hall, José Carlos Martín (C’s), who took stock of the information recorded last year as regards visits by tourists. “We thank the Tourism Department staff for their work because this information is satisfying, but it is also true that we have to continue working and improving the figures for next year”.

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Source: Mijas Comunicación