Until the end of August, the shuttle bus service offered daily from the El Puerto Quarry to the Plaza Virgen de la Peña will be reinforced three days a week. Thus, the councillor for Transportation and Mobility of the Mijas Town Hall, Nicolás Cruz (PSOE), reported last Tuesday the 13th on the extension of this free service from Friday to Sunday. In addition to one more bus, the service will be provided continuously from 11 in the morning until one in the morning, when until now it was done from 11 to 14 hours and from 15 to 00 hours. “This measure will double the number of people we can move to the centre of Mijas Pueblo”, said the councillor, who added that the goal is that “no tourist has to leave due to lack of parking”.
“This is a measure that comes to respond to the high influx of tourists in these summer months and will also be applied on holidays with an extended schedule that will allow visitors to enjoy our municipality in the best possible way”, he added.  Thus, on Thursday the 15th, which was a national holiday, this new measure by the Local Council was already applied, which is implemented in coordination with the Local Police of Mijas.

From the Department of Transportation and Mobility, they also insisted that they will continue to expand the service on specific days in which highinflux activities are carried out “as was the case with the Celtic Night, around which more than 2,500 people congregated”. That day there were three shuttle buses, said the councillor, who did not rule out that this service can be extended on specific days from Monday to Thursday, as there has been an increase in tourists in Mijas Village.