After the works concluded, at the end of November, the pending section of the first phase of the Coastal Path, which joins the El Capricho and El Juncal beach bars was opened. It is an infrastructure that was officially inaugurated this past  Thursday 21st and which, as the beach establisment owners pointed out, has allowed the number of visitors to increase and, therefore, improve business, to the point that some beach bars can consider something unheard of until now... to not  close during the winter. “I thank the companies, neighborhood communities and owners, all those who have made this work possible”, said the mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, during the cutting of the ribbon. “This was not concluded at the time because there was no normal understanding among the people related to the project, with the businesspersons of the area, nor with the residents,” continued the mayor, who appealed “to the responsibility of the administrations,  independently of those who rule, so that they work together. Because this is good for Mijas and the province”. The fact is that this section of 1.5 km, necessary so that residents and visitors can walk from La Cala de Mijas to the municipality of Marbella, has been possible thanks to the municipal investment of 900,000 euros.

A finished path

Now, the  government team sets its sights on the 5.3 kilometres of coastline that separate La Cala de Mijas from Fuengirola. “We have drafted the project, we have the favourable report from the road delegation and we are just waiting for the favourable Environmental report to offer the tender for the construction” of a second phase of the Coastal Path that would involve an investment of nearly 2.5 million euros, recalled Maldonado. A path that once completed with this new phase, would make Mijas the first municipality in Malaga to complete this coastal walkway along its entire municipal area.

Improvements in the first section

The construction of the new section has coincided with improvements in the first part that was inaugurated in 2014. This is the case of the construction of a reinforcement slope to prevent possible landslides in the vicinity of the Rocas del Mar and
Mijas Beach urbanisations, consisting of a retaining masonry wall and an ecological wall, respectively, as reported by the infrastructure department. On the other hand, emergency works have also been carried out during the autumn and winter to repair the damages caused by the last storms in the area of Los Cordobeses.