After a few weeks of filming in Mijas last summer, Japanese television (NHK) broadcast the programme Sekai Fureai Machiaruki (Walking around the cities of the world) that has our municipality as the protagonist. With the idea of ​​showing the Japanese the main cities in the world as a tourist destination, the Japanese put their eye on our white village and their people.

Filming took place in July, this Japanese national television (with an audience of 5%, some 6.5 million people) traveled many corners of Mijas to create this documentary, recently broadcast in the country of the rising sun.

Our municipality is one of the favorite destinations of the Japanese along with cities such as Paris or Venice. The Japanese team was entering the town through its narrow white streets highlighting the solidarity of our neighbors, without doubt the character of our people that attracts the Japanese. In the visit to Mijas could not miss the donkey taxi, crafts, traditions, monuments, cuisine and beaches.

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