The delegation, headed by the Mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado, describes the presence of Mijas in Fitur 2019 as “very positive”. The objective: to present a municipality “with options for all tastes, 365 days a year”
Mijas, as a tourist destination, has much to offer the twelve months of the year and that is precisely the message that the Mijas delegation, headed by the Mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado (C’s), has taken this year to the 39th edition of the International Tourism Fair of Madrid (Fitur). “We have placed special emphasis on the national tourist by showing our wide range of tourist attractions for all tastes, as well as being a nearby destination that can cover their leisure needs 365 days of the year”, explained the councillor during his first day at the Fitur fair on the 29th of January. Maldonado highlighted “the large amount of people that have visited the stand where Mijas is represented and the great interest they have in our town.” According to the mayor, the participation of Mijas in the Madrid fair can positively increase tourism from all over Spain, actively helping to break seasonality.
Mijas, Sensations All Year Round
The Tourism Department has once again decided to present, in this edition of the fair, the brand “Mijas, Sensations All Year Round”, consolidating this concept: a place to collect experiences at any time of the year. “We present ourselves at Fitur with the aim of fighting against seasonality,” said Maldonado, as it marks, precisely, the First Strategic Tourism Plan prepared by the University of Malaga, commissioned by the Mijas Town Hall. Thus, in this fair, the municipality has made special  emphasis on two fundamental pillars of the Mijas society, which are the basis of an attractive offer for visitors such as: handcrafts and gastronomy. In addition, these two sectors have collaborated closely in the preparation and staging of the town in Fitur 2019. During the presentation of “Mijas” in Fitur, the council distributed “Taracea” boxes hand made by local artisans, which were filled with different local made handcrafts. This small present was distributed to those present at the fair and contained a pen drive with the new Mijas promotional video representing the senses: “Sight and Hearing”: in the form of a saddlers sack containing rosemary, evoking the main aroma of the mountains of Mijas and, therefore “Smell”; a bag with sugared almonds thus promoting “Taste” through one of the most typical products of the municipality and finally a relief magnet made of ceramic representing “Touch”. “We evoke the five senses that are taking us to those sensations that we want to transmit to our potential visitors. A symbolic box to keep all those experiences that can be lived in our town,” added Maldonado. However, the great protagonists of Fitur 2019 have been crafts and gastronomy, the municipality has a wide range of attractions to be exploited in this sector. These have been identified and put into value within the 1st Strategic Plan for Tourism in Mijas. “In this detailed study the University of Malaga gives us the tourism guide lines for the next few years and the great points that we have to promote and make known. Quality sports tourism, immersion in nature, a renowned historical and cultural heritage, as well as its greatest value, which has always been the hospitality of the people of Mijas; these are the aspects we have to promote worldwide”, stated the mayor. The aim of the government team headed by Juan Carlos Maldonado is to break with seasonality since, as he himself pointed out, “attracting tourism twelve months of the year, helps us generate stable jobs and wealth in our municipality”. Mijas, having participated in this fair, has shown more than 250,000 participants in one of the main events of the tourism sector at an international level, all that the municipality has to offer its visitors, thus reaffirming its important commitment to the development of national and international tourism in the municipality and positioning itself among the reference destinations on the Costa del Sol. “In addition to the three classic segments with which we present to tourism fairs, Mediterranean town, golf courses and the sun and beach, our municipality has much more to offer, “said the mayor, who referred to the importance of the contacts made in these fairs with tour operators and hoteliers. The public and private sector of our town “have to go hand in hand to enhance that great destination that Mijas is,” said Maldonado, who concluded that “from the town we put the conditions so that all tour operators can operate here in the best possible conditions and generate quality employment, which in the end is what it is all about”.