Málaga Street is restricted to traffic in July and August. The transit of vehicles is prohibited from seven in the afternoon until midnight to favour tourism and commerce.

Strolling at dusk down calle Málaga, in the historic centre of Mijas Village, will be much more comfortable this summer. After several meetings with residents and business owners, the councils for Tourism and Commerce have decided to restrict vehicle traffic in this area during the months of July and August, from 7 pm to 12 midnight. This measure is motivated by the large number of passers-by who walk along this street during the summer, which, together with the fact of it being so narrow, makes the coexistence of pedestrians and vehicles incompatible. “We are going to value the importance of tourists being able to buy in peace and that way business owners can make more profi t in the summer, taking into account that in winter there are much fewer visitors”, pointed out the councillor for Commerce, Laura Moreno (PSOE). According to Moreno, the signposting has been ordered and will be installed shortly. Despite the prohibition, there will be authorizations for residents and businesses who have no-parking signs, and the donkey-taxis and horse-drawn carriages. For more information click here