The Parks and Gardens Department extends the gardens with more than 140 species, both native and from the fi ve continents. A new informative sign has also been installed.

If until now it was beautiful to walk along the Botanic Route of ‘La Muralla’ (The Wall) in Mijas Village, contemplating the 70 species that were planted before, now with a total of 141 species catalogued, from all fi ve continents, we could say that the experience is doubly enjoyable. The Department for Parks and Gardens has enlarged this area and has also installed new explanatory signs at the start, describing the 141 plants that now make up this unique green area. “The Department for Parks and Gardens encourages residents and visitors to come and discover this garden that we have renewed with an increase in the catalogue of species, as well as with the improvement of the informative signs and the explanatory mural that is posted in front of the Bullring”, assured the councillor responsible for the area. CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION