An evironmental and touristic attraction. The councils for Tourism and the Environment have presented the new hiking trails this week

 Mijas is much more than sun and beaches or a white village. It is gastronomy, sports, culture, history and environmental tourism. This is alternative tourism that does not base its’ dates on seasonal periods. Precisely, this week the new programme of guided hiking routes has been presented by the Departments for Tourism and the Environment. These two councils want to highlight the natural and ecological attractions of Mijas; in short, the environmental wealth, among residents and visitors, giving them a sporting and healthy offer. Hiking has become a way of life that is increasingly popular and nationalities, gender or age are not important among those seeking contact with nature and to disconnect. “We have the 32 spaces for the fi rst route, on Sunday, October 1st, fully occupied and there is even a waiting list”, said councillor for Tourism, Fuensanta Lima (PSOE), who highlighted the high demand for the programme, which has been organised for 17 years now and is free. The hikes take place on Saturdays and Sundays. Councillor for the Environment, José Antonio González (PSOE), underlined “the environmental richness of the ‘Sierra de Mijas’” and the value of the hiking routes “as a resource to end with tourist seasonality.” Lima emphasized that the routes, in addition to their environmental or sporting nature, contribute to culture because there are “historic” routes, as is the case of Torrijos. González stressed the “continuous maintenance of the paths, which attract more and more hikers from Spain and abroad”. The councillor pointed out that in the last year 20 kilometres of mountain paths have been adapted and work has also been carried out on the routes of ‘El Mirador’, the southern ring road and the Fuengirola river.


 • Paricipants must be of legal age or accompanied by a legal guardian

• Pets are not allowed • The registration will preferably be requested by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also do so in person at the Tourist Offi ce of Mijas Village or by telephone at 952589034

• The information that must be provided for the registration of each participant are: • Full name

• Telephone contact

• Date of Birth

• ID card, resident’s card or passport

• The registration schedule will be exclusively from 9am on the Monday prior to the route until 6pm on the Friday prior to the route FOR ALL REGISTRATIONS (no emails will be accepted before 9am on Monday)

• Those who do not appear on the day of the route, having been registered correctly, without justifi cation or prior notice, will NOT be admitted to subsequent routes until one month later. This measure is adopted as there are a limited number of places and to avoid causing prejudice to anyone who could not participate because the route was completely booked. The date and time limit for cancelling is Friday at 6pm.

• Each week, after completing the quota of hikers, a waiting list will be drawn up.