Some of the most important bloggers in Spain have been shown the tourist excellencies of our municipality.

 It’s obvious that we communicate in a different manner in the 21st century and social networks and internet are, by leaps and bounds, the most important emerging media in the world, hence the importance of being on the internet and approaching those that ‘influence’ others with their opinions, people who inspire many others through the stories they post on their respective websites and social profiles. This is the context of visits such as the one that took place last Tuesday in Mijas, when the councillor for Tourism, Fuensanta Lima (PSOE), welcomed a group of well-known bloggers, who are visiting our province these days. “I understand that in terms of tourism if we do not place our bet today on promoting our destination through social networks, we might as well not bet on anything”, said Lima during the meeting. The bloggers enjoyed a guided tour of the most emblematic corners of the village. Among the bloggers that have visited Mijas this week are the managers of and